From Crime Scene to Courtroom
November 12th to 14th, 2024 | Montreal, Quebec

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The escalating challenge of firearm violence demands innovative responses from law enforcement and the communities they serve. Criminals are employing more sophisticated methods to elude capture, necessitating a corresponding evolution in the tactics and technologies used by law enforcement to prevent, investigate, and prosecute gun crimes. IFFIS2024 stands at the forefront of this crucial battle, offering a comprehensive platform for advancing firearm forensics and intelligence practices.

This three-day summit, hosted in Montreal (Canada) by Forensic Technology Inc. (a LeadsOnline company), is designed to equip law enforcement professionals with the knowledge, tools, and strategies needed to enhance their investigative processes—from crime scene response to courtroom prosecution. IFFIS2024 will convene leading experts in gun crime investigation, forensic science, and law enforcement from across the globe to share insights on navigating the complexities of gun violence investigations.


 Engaging Program: Three full days of dynamic presentations, workshops, panel discussions, case studies , and product demonstrations focusing on the latest approaches, technologies, and best practices in gun crime investigation.

 Expert Speakers: More than 20 renowned specialists sharing their expertise and groundbreaking work in firearm forensics and intelligence.

 Exclusive Networking: A select gathering of 250 participants from around the world, offering a unique opportunity for personalized learning and exchange.

 Global Collaboration: Unite with fellow law enforcement professionals and firearm experts to share strategies for reducing gun crime and enhancing public safety in communities worldwide.

 Prestigious Venue: Hosted at the Montreal Marriott Chateau Champlain hotel, attendees will experience world-class amenities in the heart of downtown Montreal. This iconic location offers not only a conducive environment for learning and collaboration but also easy access to explore the vibrant culture, exquisite cuisine, and rich history of Montreal, making your visit both enlightening and unforgettable.


 Cutting-Edge Learning: Dive into the latest forensic techniques, investigative tools, and intelligence strategies to stay ahead in the fight against gun crime.

 Valuable Connections: Build lasting relationships with peers and experts in an intimate setting, fostering international collaboration and knowledge exchange

 Impactful Outcomes: Gain actionable insights and skills that will empower you to make a tangible difference in your community's safety and security.

Join us at IFFIS2024 to contribute to a unified effort toward mitigating firearm violence and ensuring safer environments for all. Register now to secure your place in this essential summit. Together, we can turn the tide against gun crime and create a future where every individual can thrive free from the threat of violence. 

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